Group Programs

  • 10 week Group Programs adults & children (4-6 students in group) – $390 per student
  • Registration Fee for All Students (payable once each academic year) $45.00

One Registration Fee Per Family


  • Family discount (5 % ¬†for 2nd or 3rd person in a program) for group programs only
  • 3 % discount for Pre-payment (by check) for blocks of 10 or more individual lessons

Please inquire about rates for individual programs, smaller groups, family lessons, translation and interpretation fees, etc.

  • We reserve the right to substitute an instructor at any time during a program, and also the right to cancel or change a program announced on this website. All received fees for programs cancelled due to insufficient enrollment will be refunded in full to the students. Should a program be cancelled in the middle of a payment cycle, all fees for outstanding lessons will be refunded to the students.
  • Rejoining a group program after a break Should a student decide to take a break from a group program with the intention of rejoining the same program later, please note that providing there is space, and that the student has covered the missed material with the help of a tutor, this may be possible.
Last updated August 29, 2018