English (ESL)

A group of advanced students of English representing Egypt, Colombia, Italy and Japan perfect their skills in English


ESL – English as a Second Language  is offered at LEARN, or at your location. We work with community groups, corporations, schools, and private students. Our aim is to plan and execute English programs that are useful for all levels of students, including preparation for the TOEFL, IELTS, and other tests.

Our programs are offered to adults and children, and we are experienced in tutoring family members who have been relocated to the United States from another country, and who need language skills to enter schools, to manage jobs, or to manage life in the new country in general. Group lessons can be offered at LEARN subject to sufficient enrollment (4 students per group). Our ESL instructors speak many languages, and can therefore work effectively with students with many different language backgrounds.

Please contact us for more information about private and group programs and how we can help you deliver a program at your location or within your organization, or virtually on a platform of your choice. 

Last updated August 6, 2018