Mandarin continues to be a popular world language choice. At present we are offering  individual lessons for all ages and levels of proficiency upon request.  Group programs and individual programs for adults can be arranged upon request subject to sufficient enrollment (4 students for group rates). Chinese is available as a for-credit course for High School students subject to school approval.

Our teachers have roots in China, and teach writing and reading using simplified characters.


Time / day TBD

Chinese for beginners

This prospective program is ideal for those who are starting to learn Chinese from scratch, be it for business or pleasure. We will start by teaching the 4 tones of Mandarin, but quickly moving in to communicative language that will help you on your next trip to China, or when communicating with Chinese speakers in the United States. Some writing will be introduced, but this course will focus on developing verbal skills and introduce the learner to the syntax of Chinese.
Last updated August 6, 2018