Programs for Children

Group programs are currently offered for children ages 4+ are offered in the following languages:




Fall programs start the week of September 10, 2018.

All our other languages (as well as American Sign Languages) are offered to children either privately or  in small groups throughout the year, during weekdays and on weekends. Group programs can be started at any times subject to sufficient enrollment. Please note that we offer languages to children as enrichment, support, or for academic purposes.

Please contact us for schedules and more information!

Our children’s group programs (ages 4-10)  are immersion style. Our preferred teaching method is the Qtalk method that allows students to put together complex sentences from day one with the help of colorful “cues”.  Students as young as 3/4 years old will feel empowered to use the target language through visual cues at first, and later in independently formed sentences. We start by developing the students’ comprehension and pronunciation skills, mimicking real life situations where you learn by listening and repeating. Research shows that children can produce authentic sounds flawlessly up until early puberty.

Music, games, and age appropriate activities that stimulate language learning are also part of our children’s programs. Please come and visit our Center to learn more, or to visit a classroom!

Last updated August 6, 2018