Individual Programs & Test Preparation

Please enquire about rates for individual tutoring and test preparation!

Please note that there is no charge for cancellations of individual lessons, providing a cancellation is made 24 hours prior to an agreed meeting. A confirmation/read receipt from LEARN that the cancellation has been received is required. An after hours phone number is given on our voicemail (908) 626 9655, should you need to reach us after business hours.


  • Please note that we require at least one week's notice when individual programs are terminated or suspended temporarily.
  • It is not our policy to call to remind students of individual lessons on a weekly basis.
  • All private/individual programs are payable weekly (on the day of lesson) unless other arrangements have been made. A lesson that has not been cancelled 24 hours in advance of its scheduled time will be invoiced in full.
Last updated August 19, 2014