Our Programs and Services


Did you know that we have been running innovative educational programs since 1996? Our language programs and tutoring services in over 10 different languages (including American Sign Language) are well known for their excellence for both academic and enrichment purposes (offered for ages 5 – adults), and other subjects have been added to our menu of services over the years. Today we are a full service center for learning, and our services include test preparation,  K-12 and college level tutoring in  core curricula, as well as support for early readers. In addition to group programs for children and adults, we offer custom planned programs to students of all ages. We also take our programs “on the road” to schools (for credit programs offered in co-operation with independent schools), colleges, corporations, and community groups and libraries. Programs in core curricula for home schooled students, as well as full proctoring services for accredited programs for high school and college programs offered by the University of Nebraska are available. Please see the section for tutoring, or contact us for more information. For languages, please click on the language that interests you, or contact us with your special request.

For any language services (translations, interpreting, voiceovers) we offer fast and reliable service by our own associates, as opposed to “faceless” services found online. For more information please click on the section below, or contact us for information.

Last updated August 11, 2021